Shirt Windsor William




Windsor for the Royal Family of England last name and Harry for one of their most famous Prince. Our Windsor Harry Shirt is like the Royal family, always elegant and is perfectly fitted for all occasion.

Suit shirt with a cutaway collar that match perfectly with ties.

  • Linen et cotton
  • Beige
  • Slim fit
  • Embroidery
  • Neat interior


  • Washing at 30°
  • No dryer
  • Average ironing
  • Authorized press


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Properties of linen

Linen comes from the stem of the plant of the same name. France is the main country in Europe to grow it, and Eastern Europe produces a renowned quality crop.

This fabric fiber absorbs moisture and rejects it very quickly, so it has a cooling effect. Linen is wear-resistant, dirt-repellent and lint-free.

Ecological, requiring neither fertilizer nor pesticide, its culture is environmentally safe, it is biodegradable and recyclable.

Les bienfaits du lin

Entretenir sa chemise


For the temperature, we advise you not to exceed 30 ° and to program the spinning to a minimum. Ideally, detach the collar and wrist buttons, then put the shirt on the wrong side.

Our products do not like the dryer. The dryer is not recommended for any of your clothes, often it burns...

At the exit of the machine, dry your shirt directly on a hanger, to facilitate the ironing.

For ironing, we recommend an iron at medium temperature.