Poker as a  lifestyle and the elegance of the game best describes Jaqk.


Jaqk is the adventure of 6 friends passionate about poker with a common egoal : to  create a range of ready to wear men’s apparel of high quality based on the game of poker.  By combining their skills and after two years of intense work, it has allowed these entrepreneurs from the north of France to realize their dream that was born september 2010.


They wish to share their view of poker, lived as a moment of meeting, exchange and relaxation around values such as  respect, boldness, instinct, pleasure. This is why the brand is the reflection  of a gentleman’s world : warming, modern, original  and sophisticated.


The first collection of shirts, pullovers, polos , Tee-shirts and poker accessories subtly translate the values and elegance of poker.

Jaqk pays particular attention to the quality of the materials, comfort of the fit and attention to details. The collection has 3 distinct  lines : Casino chic specifically for  tournaments, Gentleman and Playing, a more visible line.


The clothes can be worn everyday  showing a discreet interest  in the world of  of poker. The ambitions of the team are high : to become  the preferred brand  of high quality poker apparel and unite the poker community around itd values and products.


Find the collection in  multibrands shop, our internet site or directly by its ambassadors sharing the values of Jaqk and passion of poker.


Jaqk a story written each day…