Your parents loved them, and now the Pin Up are back!

JAQK remains an eternal bachelor although I have seen him many times with young women, each more beautiful than the other. But no never only stayed long armed of our seducer. That is why I asked him what's his feminine ideal. As I expected a little, seen his style and attitude, JAQK said he dreamed of finding a woman in physics pinup 50s. 

But with these famous and internationally known pinup, I must restore some truth.

These images charms are indeed based on models that existed, but have been reworked to become feminine ideals. Often, the models were pretty nice but a slight difference exists.

Pin Up en vrai


The artist Gil Elvgren is one of the most famous pin-up illustrators. He took pictures of pretty young women (and most often, it was his own wife, Jannet Cummins, who was the model) and then reproduce them in paint and give life to dreamed sensual creatures. And all this without our indispensable Photoshop!

Nevertheless, these women have inspired drawings pinup were the opposite of our current criteria beauty fuller, clearer skin to makeup and often less outrageous.

Pin Up des 50

Pin Up d'aujourd'hui

So if JAQK is searching his ideal  on these criteria, he will have to take his time or find a way back into the past to find the woman of his life.

But apart from the physical, is that the attitude and mentality of women 50 years would also be likely to appeal to JAQK? Because on this point too, the criteria have changed much today!