The rules of a Valentine's day by JAQK!

JAQK offers seven rules (and yes, the perfect figure), to become the man more than perfect when Valentine Créativité !

and save you the great game of love!

1> Do not forget the date! Note it in your calendar, set an alarm, tattoo it on your forehead if necessary, but most importantly, do not miss the risk of ending up alone the next morning! 


Book the date or pretend to be reserved ... the idea is to pass the JAQK may be thought

to date or even if there is not thought he must pretend so.

2> Word order, be CREATIVE! Imagine an activity that you can enjoy as a couple.

Book a restaurant, go to a concert, plan a comfortable night or concoct a tasty meal for two.

 Cocooning or assets, everything is to target what awaits your beloved. Remember: we all dream to be surprised!


Surprise her, surprise yourself! The idea is that the JAQK does not necessarily prepare St Valentine, but he knows how to react and show ideas, responsiveness to prepare a nice program.

 3> The art of seduction. Flowers, candles? Check out what she likes. Strong attractive fragrance,

but sexy? So avoid sweat. Make sure she can not resist your charms. Start tame your mane, banish

bad breath cure you up at every corner (hands, nails ...).

L'art de séduire  

Make basic: Flower power and magic of the restaurant. The idea is simple: you can not go wrong with a nice big bouquet of flowers and a restaurant reservation. A good basic that works every shot.

And of course, a gift would be best. If you already have the basics, it is. If you still have a little time, anticipation, a resource for a gift, it is even more JAQK.

4> In JAQK, you can! We do not forget the essential point: the look! Shirt, neat but not too strict, with a nice chinos style is favored (jeans, she knows and sees every day), which will put a touch of color and elegance to your outfit. 

Wear the JAQK! Nothing like a JAQK look to be elegant and appropriate, dressed, but

Pas oublier la date !

not too much. Elegant without being disguised.

5> Stay the man! ... Assert your manhood will earn you points. You can assert your manhood by opening a pot without a cloth, or killing a shark with his bare hands ... the best ways to ruin you knees. According to research women see in the manly man better player, got it? 

 In JAQK, we remain a man, a true, in all circumstances (and yes, even if it is the day of love, we do not ask you to turn yourself into Bears and deny your manly man kind). 


6> ... But be sensible! Here's where things get complicated. Of course, the girls want you to be manly and heroic, but they also want you to be sensitive and loving. Show her your softer side, talk to as Johny Baby in Dirty Dancing, tell him what you feel. Some say that this is what being a real man, to say ...

Ok, in JAQK, you can do "some" concessions to become (even) more perfect lovers during the day, as long as it's not every day, JAQK, you can!

And most importantly, have fun ... It's still the most important, Valentine it can be nice, from the moment we are two ...