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As our manufacturers we're paying close attention to the choice of our materials and to the manufacture of our collections. Textile manufacturing is paradoxically a craft at the industrial scale, where the hand of a man plays an important role, and where each step requires special skills and control.

At JAQK we're manufacturing our products in small series. While maintaining an exclusive appearance, this also adds a complexity to the manufacturing process. We are not infallible but we seek to become it, and especially to satisfy you ... Your remarks are important and make us grow, so if you encounter the any trouble, thank you to let us know. 

Firstly to make us grow, but especially so that we can find the best solution together to make you happy and eventually solve your problem.

- We are counting on you-

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For the mesh our vigilance is particularly aroused. The choice of materials is a priority for us. The alliance of wool and cashmere is a subtle combination that makes it possible to obtain an incomparable softness and warmth. But this combination is also delicate.

This is why we would like to give you the best advice to maintain your product as best as possible and keep it like the first day.

As it is made with cashmere, we strongly recommend a hand washing with cold water. It will avoid shrinkage. Be careful to not let your sweater soak too long and especially do not overdose the laundry. Even if we all like the smell of Mom's laundry, it is advised to use small quantities.

The next step is spinning by hand. For this stage, the sweetness is essential...

For the more adventurous, washing machine may be an option ... As you know, at JAQK we are players, yet we strongly not recommend this option.

If you choose the machine, use the program “by hand”. If your machine does not have this program, go for the wool, cold and minimal spin program.

Now make way for the drying step: forget the hangers, prefer a drying flat so as it will not deform the mesh. With this advice, you can ditch the trucker shoulders and wide bottom of sleeves ;) 

As for ironing, you do not need to strongly tackle your iron, flat drying will have already done much of the work. Your iron should be on the wool program, a gentle ironing is enough to restore the swelling and cozy effect to your sweater.  

For the less adventurous, the pressing is also allowed! 

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Fibre can naturally reject an excess of material at the beginning of its use. A regular washing will help the fibre to make disappear this excess.

If, however, several washings are not enough to remove the excess material, we do not recommend the razor blade trick, you would have a good chance to cut the rows and blow up the stitch.

The best ally, in this situation is to use a machine created for this purpose. At JAQK we are an equipped team, for any problem you can contact us, we will carefully deal with your mesh or find the ideal solution.

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